Puzzle People of NYC

Puzzle People of NYC

Shared Passion creates community, intellectual stimulation, and opportunity for new connections

Written by SOONNESS / September 14, 2023 / Profile Photo: Reflections Puzzle at the Puzzle People of NYC Meetup


If you have been on puzzlegram (puzzle accounts on instagram), you must have heard of Puzzle People of NYC- a group of puzzlers in NYC that holds monthly meetups to puzzle and connect. We were happy to sponsor their August 2023 event that took place at the Ferdi Restaurant, where many people gathered to work on 1000 piece puzzles, eat delicious Italian food, and have lots of fun together. Here are some questions we asked Puzzle People of NYC, so you could learn more about the wonderful community you might want to join in.

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Could you describe the typical activities and events that take place during your monthly meetings?

Our monthly meetings are dynamic and engaging events. We gather at different venues across New York City, and the core activity is jigsaw puzzle-solving. Participants work collaboratively to puzzle varying difficulty levels, fostering teamwork and creative thinking. Additionally, we often have monthly sponsors, giveaways and themed puzzles keep the events exciting.

How has Puzzle People of NYC impacted the local community and the members involved?

Puzzle People of NYC has had a positive impact on both the local community and our members. We’ve created a welcoming and inclusive community where people from diverse backgrounds connect over a shared interest. Many members have formed lasting friendships through our events, and the group has become a hub for intellectual stimulation and social interaction.

What do you think makes jigsaw puzzle-solving a valuable and enjoyable group activity?

Jigsaw Puzzle-solving is not only intellectually stimulating but also a fantastic way to build teamwork and camaraderie. It encourages critical thinking, problem solving skills, and effective communicating among participants. The satisfaction of completing a challenging puzzle is immensely rewarding and brings a sense of accomplishment to the group.

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Can you share any memorable or particularly challenging puzzles that your group has tackled together?

One of the most memorable moments was when we collaborated with a local artist to create a custom puzzle featuring members of Puzzle People of NYC. This unique challenge not only tested our puzzle-solving skills but also celebrated the sense of unity within the group.

How do you go about selecting the puzzles for each meeting? Do you focus on specific themes or difficulty levels?

When selecting puzzles, we aim for a balance between different difficulty levels to accommodate newcomers. We also consider thematic puzzles that align with current events or special occasions, adding an extra layer of intrigue to our gatherings.

What kind of people are attracted to joining Puzzle People of NYC, and what do they gain from being part of the group?

Puzzle People of NYC attracts a diverse range of individuals. Some are avid puzzle enthusiasts looking to challenge themselves, while others are curious newcomers seeking a unique social experience. Members gain a sense of community, intellectual stimulation, and the opportunity to forge new connections while engaging in a shared passion.

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In what ways do you foster a sense of camaraderie and connection among the members outside of jigsaw puzzle-solving?

Beyond jigsaw puzzle-solving, we organize social events, and collaborative challenging puzzle projects to strengthen the bonds among our members. By providing opportunities for members to interact in various settings, we create a supportive and welcoming community that extends beyond the puzzle-solving table.

Have you noticed any unexpected benefits or outcomes from running this puzzle focused group?

One unexpected benefit has been the partnerships we’ve formed with puzzle companies. They have recognized the value of our community and have shown their support by providing puzzles and resources for our events. This has added an exciting dimension to our group’s growth.

How do you envision the future of Puzzle People of NYC? Are there any exciting plans or developments on the horizon?

Looking ahead, I see Puzzle People of NYC continuing to expand its reach and impact. We’re exploring the possibility of hosting puzzle competitions, collaborating with more puzzle brands, and creating puzzle related content. Our goal is to further enrich our members’ puzzle experiences and foster a vibrant jigsaw puzzle-solving community in the city. 

If you want to learn more about Puzzle People of NYC and join the meetups, follow them here @puzzlepeopleofnyc

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Photo Credit: Puzzle People of NYC