Plastic Free Product

From the very beginning, we wanted to create a brand that can bring joy and sustainability at the same time. 

When we were looking for a manufacturer that could make quality products and use the right materials, it was VERY challenging to find one. All the well known manufacturers could not produce plastic free products because there were not enough demands and made it costly.

The two parts we wanted to fix were the plastic bags for the puzzle pieces and the shrink wrap that protects the puzzle box.

There were manufacturers that could use fabric bags, but they had to manually put the pieces inside those bags from opening the sealed plastic bags. It was double work, plastic was still there in the making, and there was a higher risk of having missing pieces.

After consistently requesting our vision for a year, our manufacturer set up a machine that could automate the paper bagging process. It was an exciting moment ❤

We also sourced a recycled cardboard box to protect the puzzle box (replacing shrink wrap) and voila! We solved the two parts that could reduce single use plastics. Furthermore, as the paper puzzle bag is not reusable, we created an extra paper bag to store the puzzle pieces with. From the April 2022 release, our product will be plastic free!

Creating the Necessary

Although the product itself is plastic free, there was one more thing to consider. We have realized that it is hard to measure which puzzle(s) customers wanted and that means there will be excess inventory that could be in storage for a long time. We have heard that some large companies even throw away unsold products because it is costly to store them. In conclusion, we have decided to ONLY create what people will use, and not create waste. We do this by our puzzle event called “PNP”.  Click here to learn more about the event

We also want to encourage everyone to enjoy our puzzles for a long time, by redoing, framing, sharing, trading, reselling, donating and so on.

We will try our best to create a quality product that will last.