Art in Pieces

Collect Unique Art Pieces, and Have a Piece of Mind. 
We turn the coolest art into 1000 pieces. Limited Edition & Plastic-Free.

Tired of looking at the screens?

Here's what our puzzles can do for you.

Clear your head from the information overload
Do you agree that we work, play, and learn on our screens? Sometimes we do all of that at the same time- multitasking. Humans are not designed this way. Puzzles can help you get off your screens and focus on ONE thing at a time.

Improve your brain muscles and increase problem solving skills
Not a fan of Math? Science? Solving puzzles is a "FUN" way of improving problem solving skills. Practicing puzzle everyday will scare away dementia and keep you stay sharp for your lifetime.

Savor the details of a beautiful artwork and frame it to beautify your space
Imagine a world without beautiful things. It would absolutely be BORING. Art adds so much COLOR to our lives and puzzles will make you appreciate every detail of an artwork. Plus, you can frame the puzzle after completing it, and show it off to your friends!

Connect with family & friends
As much as you can have an amazing time puzzling alone, puzzling doubles the joy when you enjoy it with your people. It turns into a "TEAMWORK", which will create fun conversations and a closer connection. 

Read more about the Benefits of Puzzling HERE

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Our Mission

Share more Beautiful Art
We are an artist found company where our core values lie on creativity. We believe that by sharing more art through puzzles, there will be more color & joy in the world.

Support Artists Worldwide
We have created a platform where artists can have an opportunity to be exposed and be supported all year round. We want artist to keep doing what they love.

Make it Sustainable
From Spring Collection 2022, our puzzles are plastic free, and we make only what is necessary. 

About our Premium Art Puzzle

From Spring 2022 releases and onwards, we offer the following.

Premium Quality
We have continued to improve our products since the beginning, and we can proudly say our puzzles are premium quality for a longer life span. Puzzle box includes: puzzle pieces in a paper bag, reusable paper bag to store the pieces, a poster, and an art postcard.

Plastic Free
Our puzzles are plastic free, from the product to packaging. It is made of 100% recycled paper, printed in soy ink. We have replaced the shrink wrap to a sturdy cardboard box to protect the puzzle box. 
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Supports Artists
We give a cut of every sale to the artists. Our puzzles are made in collaboration with artists, offering unique & original works.

Limited Quantity
Our puzzles are made in small quantities, and we 
only make what is necessary for the environment. We are doing this with our PNP events starting Summer, 2022. 
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Free Shipping Worldwide
We have been working on offering free shipping to all parts of the world, so many people can enjoy our puzzles and get to support our artists. We have figured this out, so enjoy free shipping worldwide!


Calling for Artists!

We are actively looking for talented artists around the world.

Submit your work to participate in our PNP event and have it made into puzzles! 

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