Artist Founded Puzzle Company

Founded by artist Soon(aka Niña), our puzzles have a focus on original art by the artists of today.
As an independent artist, Soon has been struggling to find a way to keep creating full-time, as there were barriers like money, exposure, and finding the right community for support. In her journey of searching ways to keep creating, SOONNESS was born. Throughout the first year of the business in 2021, Soon created 6 artworks that would be made into puzzles and learned about manufacturing, marketing, and all things business. With lots of love from the puzzle community, we are able to collaborate with artists starting 2022, to support the artist community and provide quality puzzles for a quality time.

We have one goal: Let the artists create, and make the world a colorful one.
As Soon knows how important it is for talented artists to be exposed, she wanted to create a platform to introduce artists through affordable art. Puzzles not only give us time to play & destress, but also a great medium for everyone to enjoy art by up & coming artists of this time. Artists get a cut of every sale, so we can support artists while you enjoy your peaceful time. Our puzzles also come with words of love & inspiration- we believe there is power in words and we want to spread it as much as we can.

Art Submissions: