Jonathan Seng

Jonathan Seng

What's your name?
Jonathan Seng

Where are you based?
Virginia, USA

Tell us about what your ordinary day looks like.
I spend my mornings walking and playing with my 2 huskies before spending the next few hours seeing clients as a psychotherapist.

How did you get into the world of puzzling?
Probably in childhood. I was thinking about my own hobbies and coping strategies. When I'm talking with clients, I often ask what they "used to do for fun" because in adulthood, it seems as though hobbies are replaced by "the daily grind". I had not asked myself the question in a while. And talking with my sister, we reminisced about doing puzzles together.

What makes you keep puzzling & how often do you puzzle?
I honestly don't do it much, but I do enjoy them when I do. For me, it's about what's on the puzzle.

What is your favorite type of puzzles?
I enjoy lots of colors, gradients, abstract and nonrepresentational figures. I like artwork that makes me look at it and feel comforted or calm. And so I look for puzzles that give me that same feeling.

During puzzling sessions, do you listen to anything or puzzle in silence?
We have music playing in the background. Sometimes I'll do it in silence. It depends on my mood at the time.

If you were to describe what puzzling means to you, what would it be?

Tell us about your other interests & joys.
My dogs are my joy. I also still enjoy and play a lot of video games.

Do you have anything you want to share?
It's important to continue to play throughout your life! It's my secret to youthfulness. I'll be 50 next year but I'm young at heart. Stay curious!

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