SOONNESS 1000 piece puzzle colin johnson rowon rain szeto illustration

Extraordinary Detailed Puzzles!

Are you ready to see the masterpieces in a puzzle form? Our next PNP event is coming soon early September. Pick your favorite designs with us.

New Update:
If you preorder at the PNP event, you will get 20% off!

PNP Date:
Starts: September 07, 2023 (12:00pm EST)
Ends: September 12, 2023 (12:00pm EST)

*You have 6 days to vote for each design for production approval 

Important Note:
Only the puzzle designs that meet our minimum order quantity will be produced. We introduce 3 artworks in September.

Participating Artists:
Colin Johnson (USA)
Rowon (South Korea)
Rain Szeto (USA)

About Premium Art Puzzles
Original Artworks by Independent Artists
Premium Quality / Plastic Free
Free Shipping Worldwide

PNP Schedule
September: Preorder for 6 days
October: Production month for approved puzzles
November: Shipping time!

*After the event ends, expect 6-7 weeks to receive your puzzles. Please note that international shipping takes time.

*From this PNP event and forward, we will reopen already printed puzzles at PNP events when there are enough requests.

Learn More about how PNP works 


Are you an Artist? Submit your work to be part of our PNP event. Your artwork can turn into puzzles that many people can enjoy!

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