Puzzlers on Youtube

Puzzlers on Youtube

10 Best Jigsaw Puzzle Youtube Channels

Written by SOONNESS / June 22nd, 2023 / Profile Photo: Karen Puzzles


Did you just start puzzling? Welcome to the coolest club. Are you already obsessed and want to know more about the puzzle world?
Well, you are in the right place. Here are some of the best jigsaw puzzle related youtube channels you can subscribe to, so you can learn about the puzzle terms, types of puzzles, different puzzle brands you might like, and how to solve a difficult puzzle (and much more). Here we go!


1. Karen Puzzles

Well, if you are already in the puzzle community, you must know Karen. She is a puzzle expert & a puzzle collector who has been making fun puzzle videos for 5 years straight. On her channel, you can find topics like "My Jigsaw Puzzle Collection", "Puzzle Hauls", "Puzzle Brand Reviews", "10 Tips for doing a Jigsaw Puzzle", "Doing a 24,000 piece puzzle", "Mixing 3 gradient puzzles", and SO much more. You ask, she answers. Karen even made her own puzzles collaborating with Ravensburger this year, and showed up on a recent Guinness Book Records as "The most followed Jigsaw Puzzler on Youtube". Go Karen!

SOONNESS Gradient Karen Puzzles


2. Jigsaw Jubie

Say hello, puzzlers in Australia!
Justine from Jigsaw Jubie is an avid puzzler & a graphic designer from Australia. She was already well known on #puzzlegram (Puzzle Community of Instagram) as @jigsaw_jubie, but she started her youtube channel a year ago. Thanks to Justine, you will learn so much about different puzzle brands that are out there in the wild. Justine does regular "Puzzle Hauls", "Brand Reviews", "Monthly Reviews" on puzzles that she completed, sharing the best and the worst. She goes in-depth about each puzzle she reviews, so if you can't decide which one to get, watch her videos. By the way, you will also enjoy the coolest hair and outfit she wears on top of beautiful puzzles!

SOONNESS PNP limited edition puzzle jigsaw jubie


3. The Casual Puzzler

Say hi to Emilee! She is an avid puzzler from the US, and Emilee shares her love for puzzles on her channel. She has been running her puzzle channel for about 2 years, and she shares topics like "Puzzle Hauls", "Brand Reviews", "Fun Puzzle Challenges", "Thrifted Puzzles", "Puzzle Swap Tips & Tricks", "Vlogs", and more. Emilee shares helpful tips on her puzzling lifestyle, and if you are based in the US, you will get a lot of value from her videos!

SOONNESS Marine Life The Casual Puzzler


4. Cronicas Puzzleras

Do you need a Spanish speaking puzzle channel?
Great news, this channel is en castellano (English subtitles work, too)! Jimena & JL are a puzzling couple from Spain, who are puzzle fanatics & power bloggers. They have been sharing puzzle contents since 2016 (before the rise of jigsaws during COVID). You can find them on their blog page, instagram, tiktok, youtube, you name it! They also participate in competitions, local puzzle events, and they are actively involved in the puzzle community online and offline. You will get to learn about different puzzle brands, in-depth puzzle comparisons, puzzle news, puzzle competitions, trade shows, puzzle time lapses.... pretty much EVERYTHING about puzzles. Si, todos.

SOONNESS gradient puzzle jelly bean cronicas puzzleras


5. Piece By Piece Puzzler

Richard from Piece by Piece Puzzler is an avid puzzler based in NYC. He got into puzzling during the lockdown in 2020, and now this has expanded to writing and talking all things puzzles! Richard started sharing the puzzles he has done on #puzzlegram @piecebypiecepuzzler first, and launched his blogs on web & youtube a year ago. On his youtube channel, he shares "Puzzle Brand Reviews", "Puzzle Challenges", "Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide", and a series such as "Great Day for a Gradient". Richard also interviewed the founder of SOONNESS puzzle, and the artist behind Treasure Hunters puzzle- Frenemy.

SOONNESS 1000 piece gradient puzzle piece by piece puzzler 

6. Addicted 2 Puzzles

Are you secretly afraid you are addicted to puzzles?
No worries there. This channel is where puzzle addiction is perfectly normal, and even considered, COOL. Judy is a puzzle fanatic from the US, and she has been sharing her love for puzzles since 2017. She creates lots of time lapse videos of puzzles she does 
(from 1000 pieces to 60,000 pieces), and her channel is packed with tutorials of 3D puzzles! Judy shares in-depth about solving big puzzles, so if you are serious about puzzling, this is THE place to be. Plus, watch all the "oddly satisfying" Gradient Therapy Puzzle time lapses and puzzle pick up challenges!

SOONNESS magic box puzzle addicted2puzzles


7. Andre F

Do you ONLY want to do large puzzles and challenge yourself to the max? Ok, go to this channel. Currently there are 4 videos of Andre (this is a guessed name) doing big piece counts. Did you think 1000 piece was hard? Or 2000 pieces? Even 5000 pieces? Hmmm... think again. Andrew does a puzzle with 42,000 piece count on a large puzzle board. This channel shows no limits on what humans can achieve. Puzzling 42,000 pieces is no joke. Inspiring. 

42000 piece jigsaw puzzle timelapse


8. Vicky Makes And Builds

Say hi to Vicky, puzzlers in UK!
Vicky reviews old and new, big and small, glow in the dark, solid colours, gradients - you name it, she says there is something here for every puzzle lover. She has been running her channel for about 2 years, and you will find videos like "Puzzle Reviews", "Puzzle Building Strategies", "Speed Puzzling", "Building the 9000 piece Disney museum puzzle", "Building 2 puzzles at the same time", and much more!

Vicky makes and builds puzzle


9. For the Love of Puzzles

Say hi to Donnalouise, puzzlers in New Zealand!
She calls herself, a puzzled puzzler puzzling puzzles. Makes sense? Well, this tells us that puzzle is a huge part of her life, and it shows on her videos. Donnalouise has "Puzzle Hauls", "Speed Puzzle Battles", "Puzzle Reviews", but most of all, there are many large piece count puzzle videos you must watch. She takes us from unboxing the gigantic puzzles, to putting sections together, and sharing stories about the image. How cool is that?

For the love of puzzles youtube


10. Janette & Her Puzzles

Janette is an avid puzzler based in Slovenia, and she shares her entire collection of puzzles, and the MUST HAVES for all puzzle lovers. She shows a variety of puzzle types as she reviews them, and even rates puzzles by "difficulty levels". If you are just getting into the puzzle world, Janette has plenty puzzle contents for you to enjoy and get value from.

janette and her puzzles youtube


So this wraps up the 10 Best Jigsaw Puzzle Channels on Youtube in 2023.
Were you surprised that there are this many channels dedicated to puzzling? Well, with the numbers growing in the puzzle community, we won't be shocked if these channels gain more popularity within the next 5 years. Puzzles have countless benefits in our lives, and one of them is forming an awesome community. So go ahead, subscribe to these channels, reach out to them, and connect with the puzzlers!

BTW, we also have a SOONNESS channel on youtube too! We mostly share Puzzle ASMR's, artist's work process (behind the scenes), and we collect all the puzzle reviews from puzzle channels like these. Puzzle & Art come together- the BEST way to play in the world full of screens.

Happy puzzling & Keep your joys up!