Puzzle and Chill

Puzzle and Chill

What's your name?
Vanessa aka @puzzle_and_chill

Where are you based?
Indiana, USA

Tell us about what your ordinary day looks like.
During the day I work as a full time Accounting Operations Manager for a lumber company. Once the workday is over, I rush home to be with my loving husband, amazing daughter, and wonderful pup.

How did you get into the world of puzzling?
I can thank my mom for introducing me to the wonderful world of puzzles. We love to spend time together tackling mystery jigsaw puzzles. You read the story provided, then piece together the puzzle which will reveal all the answers to solving the mystery. I love the challenge these puzzles provide, but not as much as the time spent with my mom :)

What makes you keep puzzling & how often do you puzzle?
I keep puzzling to help me unwind and take a break from everyday tasks. I feel immense joy when completing a puzzle or simply snapping together a couple pieces. I puzzle almost every night.

What is your favorite type of puzzles?
Lately, I have really enjoyed 500pc puzzles. I don't mind leaving a puzzle unfinished to be tackled the next day, but man oh man does it feel good to start and finish a puzzle in the same sitting. It's like I won 1st place in my own race! LOL

Bright colorful puzzles are my jam. Gradients, collages, dogs, and cartoon are a few of my favorite categories to puzzle as well. Another bonus to make a great puzzle, is being able to pick up a completed puzzle and wave around without it falling apart!

During puzzling sessions, do you listen to anything or puzzle in silence?
There is always some sort of background noise happening. Mostly I find myself rewatching, The Office, as that is definitely one of the best tv shows ever!

If you were to describe what puzzling means to you, what would it be?

Tell us about your other interests & joys.
Besides puzzles, I have a huge passion for video games. I grew up playing Super Nintendo, but now I am a diehard Xbox fan. Some of my favorite games are Minecraft, Mirror's Edge, the Far Cry series, and Rainbow Six Siege.

Another joy of mine - sweet treats! I love sweets and all things birthday cake flavored :)

Do you have anything you want to share?
I will leave you with one of my favorite movie quotes, “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.”