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Puzzle Community

List of Puzzle Events, Live Shows, Press

Written by SOONNESS / July 25, 2023 / Profile Photo: USA Jigsaw Nationals photo by @karenpuzzles


Did you fall in love with puzzles and want to find out more?

Amazing. You are about to get into something awesome. The Puzzle Community is kind, full of joy, and overall enhances your lifestyle! Here are the list of Puzzle Events, Live Shows, and Puzzle Magazines created by the puzzle lovers. Enjoy!


1. USA Jigsaw Puzzle Association

Established in 2020 by 4 avid puzzlers (Tammy McLeod, Valerie Coit, Aly Krasny, Faith Lindell-Taylor), the USA Jigsaw Puzzle Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a nationwide community for jigsaw puzzlers and establishing a framework for competitive jigsaw puzzling events. You can participate in the speed puzzling competition and meet other serious puzzlers like you! On top of that, they have groups like Puzzle Club, Traveling Puzzles, Puzzle Swapping, and Giveaways on their site- so check them out!


2. Puzzle Jam South 

The Puzzle Jam South is a three-day gathering for puzzle lovers, collectors, and makers of all kinds. They want to share the love of puzzles and teach the making of puzzles with all puzzle enthusiasts of the Southeastern region of the United States.


 3. Puzzle People of NYC

At the Puzzle People of NYC meetups (usually every month), you'll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, form new friendships, and enjoy a fun-filled afternoon dedicated to puzzling (and drinks!). So if you are near NYC, what are you waiting for?


4. Jigsaw Puzzle Meetup

This is a Brooklyn Meetup to trade puzzles. They meet at local Brooklyn spots to patronize the spot and to trade/give away puzzles. Drink! Puzzle! Repeat!


 5. Puzzle Buzz

Puzzle Buzz was created by Rell from @relishpuzzles in May 2021, and you can find all the hot & fresh puzzle news here- new puzzle releases, giveaways, sales, events, and more! 


6. Buzzle Prunch

Started by @puckingfuzzles & @rachel28star, Buzzle Prunch is a place to hang out with friends, and learn about all the puzzles, creators, artists and other puzzlers. They describe it as casually professional. It is currently held on instagram live.


7. Jigsaw Junkies

Karla from @jigsaw_junkies is a Prolific Puzzler & Live Puzzle Chat Host on instagram. She hosts live chats with avid puzzlers, puzzle brands, and many other puzzle related people! If you want to listen to casual, relaxing convos about puzzles, check it out!


8. Puzzle Pal's Choice Awards

If there is Grammys, there is Puzzle Pal's Choice Awards in the Puzzle World! Hosted by @bizzlespuzzles and @sarahdoespuzzles, it is an annual puzzle award show where puzzlers can nominate their favorite brands, puzzles, and artists in 15 different categories. The first one took place in 2021, and it is always so fun to participate and see the glimpse of what's hot in the puzzle community.

9. Puzzlegram Fams

Puzzlegram Fams is a live show on instagram, where they share giveaways, sales, chat with special guests, discuss hot tips about puzzling, and talk all things puzzles. By @enwoodgames@alexispuzzles@thepuzzlingfoodie@necessarahly_puzzles


10. Puzzle Pandas

Puzzle Pandas came to life during the 2020 quarantine. It's a simple idea of sharing the love of puzzles and kindness with others. It's a way to upcycle your puzzles and leave a fun discovery for someone who might need an unexpected pick-me-up. 


11. PNP Event by SOONNESS

Are you puzzler & an art enthusiast, and want to learn about different artists around the world? You are in for a treat. This is a "Pick & Preorder (PNP)" event run by the puzzle brand SOONNESS, where you will see beautiful artworks and get to vote for your favorites to turn into 1000 piece puzzles. 


12. Piece Prize 

Piece Prize is a jigsaw puzzle event- once you register, you will receive a physical 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. At the date and time you have registered for, you will log on to a zoom call and display your unopened puzzle. Prizes of cash and products will be provided in a variety of ways throughout the event and for the person(s) who finish first.

Ok that's it for 2023, but we will update you with more new ones next year.

Yes, the Puzzle Community is growing fast, so there will be more and more fun events being created by puzzle lovers worldwide. If you know any other puzzle meetups, events, shows related to puzzles, please reach out to us here: hello@soonness.com

Happy Puzzling and Keep the Joys Up!