Golden Puzzle

Golden Puzzle

Charlie & the Puzzle Factory

Written by SOONNESS / June 24th, 2023 / Profile Photo: Golden Puzzle Winner @jigsaw jubie


Picture yourself opening a brand-new puzzle box, feeling the excitement to go through those gorgeous pieces waiting to be pieced together. Little do you know, nestled among the goodies in the box, lies a secret—a dazzling golden puzzle piece waiting to be found! It's your chance to channel your inner Charlie Bucket and discover the ultimate prize.

Inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, every puzzle we release into the world has that golden nugget of surprise hidden within. When you receive our limited edition puzzles, keep a keen eye out for the shimmering glint of gold.  

Photo above: still cut from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Claim Your Prize and Share the Magic

Once you've discovered the Golden Puzzle Piece, the adventure doesn't end there. Snap a photo and share it on your social media (usually instagram is the best bet) tagging @soonness & #goldenpuzzle. Let the world witness the magic and celebrate your special moment. What happens next? Soon from SOONNESS will contact you to guide you through claiming your well-deserved reward. Choose from our unique selection of puzzles, carefully crafted to transport you to captivating works of art.

SOONNESS 1000 piece golden puzzle Charlie and the chocolate factory

SOONNESS golden puzzle winner jigsawjubie

SOONNESS avant garde arcs gradient puzzle

Photo and Golden Puzzle Post by @jigsawjubie


Join the Quest

Are you ready to embrace the allure of the Golden Puzzle Piece Challenge? Every puzzle you purchase from SOONNESS holds the potential for an extraordinary surprise. The journey to find the golden ticket may not be easy, but the reward is magical. It's more than a free puzzle. It's an enchanting experience on an ordinary day.

At SOONNESS, we're on a mission to infuse joy, wonder, and a touch of magic into your puzzle experience. The Golden Puzzle Piece Challenge is our way of sharing the excitement and delight that comes with each box of puzzles. It's time to embrace the adventure, follow the trail of gold, and claim your well-deserved reward. Will you be the next lucky winner? Start your journey today and let the enchantment unfold before your eyes!

Photo above: still cut from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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