The Puzzlegram

The Puzzlegram

30 Best Jigsaw Puzzle Instagram Accounts to Follow

Written by SOONNESS / June 28, 2023 / Profile Photo: Puzzlers Gathering! Photo by @puzzlepastime.


Are you on instagram and just got into puzzling? Well, you are in for a treat. It's better than Forbes 30 under 30- here are the 30 best jigsaw puzzle influencer accounts to follow and broaden your puzzle horizon. 

There are range of puzzlers here- from everyday puzzlers to professional puzzle champions and puzzle event organizers. They are categorized by different regions such as US, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia, and Asia. Puzzle community is huge on #puzzlegram, and these below are actively run accounts you can check out. You will get to learn about puzzles, brands, events, and more! Some of them create hilarious reels, so be prepared to laugh your ass off. Here we go!



1. Karen Puzzles
2. Bizzles Puzzles
3. Puzzle Pastime
4. Puzzle Knucks
5. Sarah Does Puzzles
6. Joyce Puzzles
7. Pieceful Puzzling
8. Tina Puzzling Days
9. Puzzletokkkk
10. Jigsaw Jessa
11. 16 Feet
12. Pieces of the Picture
13. Addicted to Puzzles
14. Tammy McLeod Puzzler
15. Mintyfizz Puzzles
16. Amanda Huggin Puzzle


17. Zurry Puzzles
18. Northern Puzzler
19. Puzzled about Everything
20. Puzzle Canopy


21. The Jigsaw Journal
22. The Picky Puzzler
23. Cronicas Puzzleras
24. Lluneta Puzzles
25. Puzzling Pien
26. Annimateria
27. Bulgarian Puzzlers


28. Jigsaw Jubie
29. I am Puzzled


30. Puzzle Stalker


So what do you think?

Were you shocked how many puzzle fans there are? Well, you might become one of them. Puzzling is addictive, and here's why. It keeps your brain sharp no matter what age, gives you a screen-free entertainment, and creates an AMAZING community worldwide. Puzzlers are active on instagram, so why don't you join these lovely people and live a JOYFUL lifestyle?


Happy puzzling & Keep your joys up!