Swiss Speed Puzzle

Swiss Speed Puzzle

What's your name?
Patrick Inniger

Where are you based?
Thun, Switzerland

Tell us about what your ordinary day looks like.
I work as an IT specialist and when I have some free time, I like to spend it with my girlfriend and our three cats and two mice. Besides jigsaw puzzles, I also have other hobbies like playing games or board games.

How did you get into the world of puzzling?
Ever since I was a child. I did a lot of jigsaw puzzles with my sister and we used to listen to the Harry Potter audio books while we were puzzling. But as I got older, I only did jigsaw puzzles from time to time. However, since I discovered speed jigsaw puzzles at the end of 2022, I'm back in the jigsaw world and even deeper into it.

What makes you keep puzzling & how often do you puzzle?
Doing a jigsaw puzzle is very relaxing and at the end you see your result. This is despite the fact that I only do jigsaw puzzles for time at the moment. Some would say that it is no longer relaxing, but I find that there is a certain motivation to complete a puzzle several times. Buying new puzzles all the time would be quite expensive in the long run, and with my collection of games and board games, our storage space is already quite limited.

What is your favorite type of puzzles?
My favourite size was 1000, but since I started Speed Puzzle it has changed to 500. I think the best thing about these two sizes is that once you're done, you're done. I have also did an 18000, but it felt too long for me. Since the WJCPC2023 Semifinal I have found my love for Circle Puzzles. I also love gradient puzzles, but also various illustrations like the Treasure Hunters puzzle.

During puzzling sessions, do you listen to anything or puzzle in silence?
It varies a lot, sometimes I talk to my girlfriend or listen to the movie she is watching. But I can also listen to loud music or do a jigsaw puzzle in complete silence.

If you were to describe what puzzling means to you, what would it be?
Fun, enjoyment, relaxation. And since the WJPC 2023 I've known that there are so many nice people in the puzzle community and I'm looking forward to meeting as many of them as possible.

Tell us about your other interests & joys.
As I mentioned, I like to play video and board games. And I also collect them. I also like to do Escape Room or try something completely new. I can say that I like to try or learn new things.

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