The Amazing Puzzle

The Amazing Puzzle

What's your name?
Virginia. My account is @theamazingpuzzle. I asked my son help finding the name and he spent some time on it so I honored his suggestion.

Where are you based?
Texas, USA

Tell us about what your ordinary day looks like.
The mornings are a bit hectic since we must ensure everyone (dog and humans) are fed and ready to tackle the day ahead. I'm a database administrator and have a full time job. Puzzling mostly happens at night or when everyone else is on their own chilling time.

How did you get into the world of puzzling?
I don't precisely remember. My earliest memory is being in middle school back in México and working on a Van Gogh puzzle. I glued it and it bent all sorts of ways, it was ruined. I started puzzling consistently again about 3 years ago.

What makes you keep puzzling & how often do you puzzle?
I love the feeling when the pieces start to fit together and the image starts taking shape, it clears my mind. I puzzle almost every day when I'm home.

What is your favorite type of puzzles?
Colorful. That's why I had to get Electronic Fantasy from SOONNESS. I fell in love with all the colors, textures and the nostalgic element. In general, I seek color and prefer random cut. For a time I only did 1000 pieces but lately I've been more open, if I like the art or any other aspect, I'll do it, no matter the piece count, as long as it's not more than 1500 because I don't have space for more.

During puzzling sessions, do you listen to anything or puzzle in silence?
I listen to audiobooks. I prefer thrillers, romance and fantasy, otherwise there is always music at home. My two favorite audiobooks from this year are "Portrait in Sepia by Isabel Allende" on Audible and "Winnie-the-Pooh by A. A. Milne" on Audible. I'm not a fan of Winnie the Pooh but I listened to the audiobooks with my son and I loved the narration.

If you were to describe what puzzling means to you, what would it be?
Me time. Achieving small goals all the time.

Tell us about your other interests & joys.
Puzzles and books are my loves. We share other hobbies as a family, we all love music and try to go to as many concerts as we can and also enjoy traveling together and discovering new places, foods, cultures. 

Our favorite concert was Gorillaz, we enjoy road trips and had to drive from Houston to Dallas. Another one I loved was Metric and Heartless Bastards

We love London,  we always try different foods, the last time we went I had the most amazing shakshuka, and my son and husband were impressed by Vietnamese tapas, they were great but shakshuka wins it for me. From London itself we could eat fish and chips, and steak & ale pie every day.

Do you have anything you want to share?
I want to say that I'm amazed by all the puzzle people out there. I didn't have any idea how big the community is and how many great brands exist. I can't wait to find my very best puzzler friend.