We will be back soon with Round 3

PNP Date:
Starts on June 02, 2022 (12:00pm EST)
Ends on June 22, 2022 (12:00pm EST)

PNP Schedule ( 3 Rounds ):
1 June 02-08: Toy Corner, Peranakan Vase, Supermarket
2 June 09-15: The Mermaid, Avant Garde Arcs, Gone Coastal
3 June 16-22: Good Vibes Only, Treasure Hunters, Free Rider

*You only have 6 days to order each art puzzle
*Each session starts and ends at 12:00pm EST

Participating Artists:
Gabby Malpas
Jiayue Li
Lea Konaševská
Kathy Ager
Humberto Cruz
Raisa Álava

Important Note:
Only the puzzle designs that meet our minimum order quantity will be produced. We introduce 3 artworks per week for 3 consecutive weeks.

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