Beautiful Art in Pieces

We create exclusive puzzles with artists who get a piece of every sale.

Welcome to the SOONNESS community. If you are a puzzle lover, an art enthusiast, or an artist, you are in the right place. We are here to give you joy through our medium-puzzles.

Our Mission

Share more Beautiful Art
We are an artist found company where our core values lie on creativity.
We believe that by sharing more art through puzzles, there will be more color & joy in the world.

Support Artists Worldwide
Being an independent artist is a solo journey and they need a lot of support especially in the beginning. We have created a platform where artists can have an opportunity to be exposed and be supported all year round.

Make it Sustainable
We have been working on how to make the business sustainable everyday. Our puzzles are made with 100% recycled paper packaged in a resealable bag. Starting from Spring Collection 2022, our puzzles will be 100% plastic free, and make only what is necessary. Stay tuned for our puzzle event this Summer.

Calling for Artists!

We are actively looking for artists around the world.

Submit your work before the end of March 2022, to participate in our exciting event coming up this Summer. 

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